LP Diecast Garage

Official Dealer for ACME - GMP - Greenlight - Johnny Lightning - Auto World

  • Policies

    Policies can be found below in the "Quick Links". In the "Quick Link" is the privacy policy, refund policy, and terms of service. If you have any questions please use the "Contact Us" bottom at the top of your page to email us. Thank you for supporting our small business and happy collecting!

  • Boxes

    Our stock is a combination of new and old. There can be some wear on boxes from age or shipping from the manufacture. Usually wear on boxes is only minor; if anything major is damaged to the box I will include it in the description.

  • Paint

    I do not manufacture these cars, I only sell them. I try to inspect cars with window boxes for any major imperfections but sometimes imperfections occur. Nothing is 100% perfect. I DO NOT open every box to inspect car condition; I try to give buyers sealed cars.